Essure Reversal

What is Essure?

The Conceptus. Inc, which is a branch of the Bayer AG. created a birth control program that is known to be about 99.74% effective. The procedure is known as ‘Essure’ and it is based on inserting a specific coil for induction of fibrosis in the fallopian tubes so as to block them. Fallopian tubes are an integral part of the female reproductive system where the sperm fertilizes with the egg. Blocking of this means of zygote formation will ultimately terminate a woman’s ability to conceive.

Is pregnancy possible after Essure?

The Essure process sounds pretty inevitable one in terms of getting pregnant again after sterilizing the female reproductive system. However, there are still some ways by which pregnancy can be attained after the Essure Treatment.
Currently, there are two procedures that can make reproduction possible after birth control programs: Essure reversal and in vitro-fertilization. These treatments make it possible for a woman to conceive even after having her fallopian tubes treated with Essure permanent birth control system.

What is  Essure reversal:

Another procedure by which women can reproduce after undergoing Essure treatment is by getting an “Essure removal.” In this technique, the coils that were placed in the fallopian tubes are taken out surgically to restore the patency of the system. How is it done? Above the pubic hairline, an incision is made that is supposed to measure up to 3-5 inches. Each fallopian tube gets incised so to take out the Essure coils. The coils are extracted in a way that the surrounding tissue and vascular system gets least disrupted. Along with the coils, the surrounding reactive scar tissue of the tubes is also extracted.
Now the remaining healthy portion of the fallopian tubes are reconnected to the uterus to restore the function of the reproductive system. Micro-surgical techniques are implemented so as to re-implant the tubal openings into the uterus.

What to expect after the surgery?

The whole procedure requires about 90 minutes and is performed in an out-patient department. Moreover, a post-operation evaluation takes place the next day and the patient can return home. The patient has to wait for a month before conceiving, and should refrain from lifting weights that are heavier than 15lbs.
Work can be resumed 2 weeks after the operation.

Risks of Essure reversal surgery:

The risks that are related with the procedure highly depend upon the surgeon, in whose hands relies the whole task. If the surgeon is an expert, blood loss will be minimal and there will be least scarring and quick healing. However, there is a chance of increased risk of uterine rupture that can take place in the up-coming pregnancies after the operation. Any incision made to the uterus can increase its chances of getting ruptured, since scars make a favorable point in any muscle for tears to occur. estimates such a risk to occur after Essure reversal surgery at a rate of less than ten percent. However, the same site states that none of its patients have reported with such a complaint after getting treated with Essure reversal procedure.

How successful is the procedure ?

It has been estimated that after getting an Essure reversal treatment, the chances of having a successful pregnancy are about 35-45% on an average.
Many centers who offer Essure reversal procedure have developed and published their own statistics. For example, says that its center has served ninety seven women for Essure coil reversal operation. It also adds that their center, in terms of achieving a successful pregnancy after an Essure reversal procedure, has a success rate of about 40% in 12 months or even more.
The rate of success, however, declines in cases where a woman has had several other procedures along with Essure in order to control birth. Hence, for anyone who wishes to go for a pregnancy control program, it is highly essential that they consider their opinion instead of regretting over it later. Essure operation can be reversed with Essure reversal plan, however, the patient may still be posed to a significant risk of never conceiving again.

Cost of Essure reversal?

The Essure reversal procedure costs less than in vitro fertilization treatment. The operation including the drugs, anesthesia, tests and follow-up may cost about $7500.
The good part regarding payment for Essure reversal is that, many physicians who are an expert at this procedure provide an option of ‘pre-payment’ plan to their patients. It means that the patients can pay for their operation in slow steps over a period of time which is to be determined by both the parties.